The following sections contain descriptions of recommended positions for a Tenant’s Emergency Response Team:

Function of the Area / Department Warden(s):

Area / Department Wardens are primarily responsible for determining that all their company employees, contractors, and visitors in their assigned area have safely evacuated to the designated meeting area and to communicate with other members of their company's Emergency Response Team, and when necessary, the Building’s emergency personnel and First Responders.  In addition, they should be responsible for immediately reporting any potential or actual emergency condition to the Building Security, Management, their company’s Emergency Response Team. 

Responsibilities & Duties of the Area / Department Warden:

  • Know the location and use of all fire and emergency related equipment found on the floor or area that he/she is assigned.
  • Be completely familiar with the Building and floor layouts and exits, Fire Command Center, and Company’s designated meeting areas. 
  • Check primary and secondary evacuation routes for safe exit 
  • Make sure that people are notified and are leaving the floor, if necessary, and headed to an area of safe refuge.
  • Checks all offices, cubicles, restrooms, conference rooms, storage/file rooms, kitchens, etc. to assure all people have vacated. 
    • Use chalk or “Post It” notes to mark off each and every room searched.
  • Evacuates visitors and non-employee occupants on the floor, instructing them to the nearest safe exit, and the tenant’s designated area of refuge. 
  • Assists, if necessary, the shutdown of vital functions within assigned area.
  • Once all personnel in their area / department are evacuated, they are to advise Tenant / Floor Wardens that their area is clear.  
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an Emergency Action Plan, including the ongoing educating company employees

Area / Department Warden (Searchers)