​Small deliveries to the ATRIA Corporate Center may be made through the entrance doors located on the south side of the building.

​Any deliveries requiring the use of a wheeled vehicle/cart or large deliveries may not be taken through the atrium and must be made via the loading dock and freight elevator.  Deliverers must use rubber-tired handcarts to protect any tile work.  This rule will be strictly enforced by security.  Stall W23 in the garage can be used as a loading/unloading zone for small deliveries (i.e. delivery vans, cars or small truck).  

​Tenant should arrange for all deliveries to be brought to the tenant space, or to meet the deliverer at the loading dock.  Deliveries anticipated taking more than a half-hour must be schedule through the Building Management (763-553-2796).  Tenants having large quantities of furniture, computers, etc. delivered must make arrangement with Building Management.  

​Security will notify tenants of unclaimed deliveries, but assumes no responsibility for the condition of goods delivered on the tenant's behalf.

​Please help maintain the professional integrity of the building by explaining this to your company's employees and vendors.

Please notify the Building Management office at least five (5) business days in advance of any major move, such as a new Tenant taking occupancy, a Tenant vacating the premises, or delivery of furniture.  For smaller moves of a smaller number of items, please provide notice of at least 48 business hours.

In addition, both the Tenant and the Tenant’s vendor(s) are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the Landlord and Building Management as additionally insured prior to work commencing.

Tenant and their vendors are responsible for cleanup of Building, and the removal of boxes and debris brought into the building.  No crates, boxes, pallets, etc, are to be put in the dumpster.  Materials that are left will be hauled away at Tenant’s expense; a $150.00 minimum charge.

Move In / Move Out


Deliveries & Tenant Move In/Out