The ATRIA Corporate Center has partnered with Pilgrims Dry Cleaning to offer 

complimentary pick up/drop off services straight to/from a Tenant’s suite. 

Delivery and Pick up is currently scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays.  

Benefits of this program include a 20% discount on dry cleaning and 10% on


Each Tenant that wishes to participate must designate an area for the items to be picked up and returned within their leased premises. This is most commonly a coat closet near the front entrance.

Employees that would like to sign up for an account would do so directly with Pilgrim’s Dry Cleaning after confirming that their company/suite participates.  Payment for services is billed electronically to the account information they provide and they are provided with their own Pilgrim Express Bags, including their account name and number for identification purposes.

Contact Building Management for further details, or to request adding your suite to the serviced route. 

Dry Cleaning