Emergency Procedures

The safety of our tenants is one of Building Management’s highest priorities; however, the security of the Building occupants rest with each tenant and their understanding of emergency procedures safety and security measures. 

It is not the Landlord or Building Management’s intent to direct the Tenant to adopt or use part or all of the given information, nor does Landlord or Building Management assume any liability in connection with all or part of the information that may be used or adopted by the Tenant.

Building Management recommends that each Tenant have an Emergency Action Plan in place to help their employees train for, prepare and react quickly to an emergency including fire, severe, weather, flood and violent situations such as active shooters or bomb threats.  If evacuation becomes necessary, the authority and responsibility rest with the local officials of government. Neither Landlord nor Building Management can assume responsibility for any consequences resulting from the decision to evacuate or not to evacuate.


We have attempted to cover most emergency situations. There may be unforeseeable areas or disasters that are not discussed.  Therefore, the information contained on this website and in your Tenant Handbook is provided only as a guide or as general information for this Building and should be considered supplementary to your company’s emergency plan.