In an office building with one or more tenants, the impact of tenant practices on whole building energy use can be very significant. For landlords (owners or managers) seeking to attain or retain the ENERGY STAR certification for their buildings, encouraging tenants to adopt best practices for energy efficiency is critical.

ATRIA Corporate Center has been eligible for ENERGY STAR certification for ten (10) consecutive years. Since 2007, ATRIA's ratings have been in the top 10% of similar commercial buildings.  The Building’s current rating for 2017 is 97 percent.  Additional information about the Energy Star rating program is available at

Energy Star

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a program, ENERGY STAR, which offers organizations solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy management. A cornerstone of the program is the ENERGY STAR certification for buildings that achieve superior energy performance, based on measured energy use data. Energy performance is measured by the functions of building design and systems, building equipment, how the building is managed, and how the occupants use the building.