Nuclear / Biological Release


The Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant is located 13 miles northwest of Hennepin County borders, and the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant is located 31 miles to the southeast of the county line. 

Hennepin County is included in the Ingestion Pathway Zone extending 50 miles from both plants. The ingestion exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 50 miles from the reactor site. Predetermined protective action plans are in place for this EPZ and are designed to avoid or reduce dose from potential ingestion of radioactive materials. These actions include a ban of contaminated food and water.

In the event of a nuclear or biological agent is suspected or known to be in the area:

  • Remain Calm. Do not panic. 
  • Listen to radio or TV for further information and instructions. 
  • DO NOT leave the Building unless safe to do so. 
  • Follow the directions of the local authorities and Building Management. 
  • Tend to the injured, call 911 if necessary. Administer first aid if directed by 911.