Tenants shall have the right to park in the Building’s parking lot and parking ramp in common with other tenants, on a first come, first served basis, subject to the terms and conditions established by the Landlord. Landlord and Building Management are not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of the vehicle itself, contents within, or damages caused by other vehicles on the Property.

For further information on the parking amenities available at the ATRIA, see section "Parking & Commuting" for details, including Executive Garage / Reserved Parking Stalls, Bicycle Racks, Motorcycle Parking Stalls, Car/Van Pooling, etc.
Restricted Zones
Building Management requests that all Tenants, their employees, contractors and guests observe all of the restricted zones listed below. Violators may be ticketed and towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense. See section below “Violations & Towing”.

  • Handicapped Parking Spaces and Access stalls
  • Fire Lanes / Zones 
  • One Hour Parking designated stalls under ramp (4) 
  • Visitor Spaces as specified 
  • Height and Weight restrictions posted at access points
  • Restrictions for Snow Removal – See Section “Exterior Grounds Maintenance – Snow Removal"

“Overnight" parking is not permitted on the Property as it may interfere with the maintenance or snow removal.  
Exceptions to overnight parking may be permitted for emergency or outstanding circumstances in the event Building Management has been notified and approves the request in advance. All risks and damages are the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner. 

​Periodic maintenance to the parking lot may require Building Management to restrict parking while the work is completed. Building Management will notify tenants, in advance, of scheduled preventative maintenance including: asphalt and concrete repairs, sweeping, striping, or snow removal services. 

Violations & Towing

Building Management reserves the right to ticket and/or tow any vehicle in violation of established parking regulations at the vehicle owner’s expense. Any damages incurred to vehicle during towing or ticketing are also vehicle owner’s expense.   Please refer to Section 31 of the “Building Rules and Regulations” for more information.  

Security routinely patrols the Building’s parking lot, ramp and garages to monitor for adherence to these policies. Tickets may be issued for parking in a restricted zone, abandoned vehicle, unauthorized overnight parking, or  incorrectly parked between defined lines of a parking stall.  Fines are not issued with tickets, but are recorded and maintained by Building Security. (1& 2) A paper ticket for the first two offenses in a one-year period; (3) A parking violation sticker is placed on the car (violation sticker has a very strong adhesive) is given for the third offense in a one-year period; and (4) violators are towed at the vehicle owner’s expense for a fourth offense in a one-year period. 

Landlord and Building Management are not responsible for reimbursement of any fees associated with towing of vehicle, regardless if the person is an onsite employee, offsite employee, visitor, guest or vendor of Tenant.  

Building Management has contracted with the following towing company. For information regarding your towed
vehicle, fees or procedures, contact:

Parking Lot, Ramp, & Garage