Recycling & Trash


Trash and recycling is collected from each suite on a nightly basis by the janitorial staff. 

Recycling containers and “Trash/Recycling” stickers (for items to large for the waste / recycling bins) 
are provided at no expense to the Tenant at the time of occupancy. If additional stickers or receptacles are needed, please contact the Building Management office.    Janitorial staff will NOT remove any item that is not in a marked trash or recycle container or that does not have the appropriate trash or recycle sticker attached.

Mixed Recycling
Please help maintain our recycling program by educating your
employees on the program and what is acceptable. Please see the
Recycling – Single Sort” document located on the "Forms" page or by
clicking here for the current list of what is acceptable in the recycling
and what items should be placed in the trash. 

​Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes should be broken down and labeled with a “Trash / Recycle” sticker.  The janitorial staff will remove the boxes nightly.  If a tenant requires a significant amount of cardboard boxes to be removed from their space, we ask that advance arrangements be made by contacting the Building Management office as there may or may not be a janitorial charge to remove them.  

Organics Recycling
Green organic recycling bins can be found throughout each tenant suite (if your company is participating) where tenants can deposit any food waste, food soiled paper like, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, as well as coffee grounds, filters and tea bags for composting.

​Large items, such as electronic equipment, furniture and batteries, may not be disposed of in the standard waste removal. Please contact Building Management for assistance in locating the appropriate facilities or services. There may be a charge associated with the disposal of such items. Items placed incorrectly in the waste stream may result in charges or fines in additional to removal fees to the Tenant.