​​​​Rent Payment & Accounting Procedures

Tenants will receive a monthly statement as a courtesy; however, per Tenant’s lease agreement, payment of rent and operating charges are due on or before the first of each month, regardless of receipt of statements.

The statements are sent approximately on the 20th of the month and would include charges for the Rent of premises, Operating Expense and Real Estate Taxes for that month, as well as, any miscellaneous charges incurred for the periods prior to that month. Please submit any changes to the billing address and/or contact in writing to the Building Management office.

Remember payments not received on or before 1st of the month may be considered delinquent and subject to late fees/interests.  If you have any questions or concerns about your account, please contact the Building Management office.

Remittance Address

Please make sure that checks are made payable to:  “Property Entity” and are mailed to:  

Electronic Payment / ACH

Electronic payment via wire / ACH is available.  If your company chooses to utilize this payment method, please note that the Building Management office requires a notification of payment sent.  Please contact Building Management for further details.  

Rent Payment & Accounting


Name on account  - Property Entity Name
Reference name – Name on Account
Account number- 11111111111111
Routing number- 11111111111111

Property Entity Name
c/o NorthMarq Real Estate Services
Remittance Address
Remittance Address
City, State, Zip​

  • Rent Payment & Accounting Procedures

  • ​Remittance Address
  • ​Electronic Payment / ACH