Tenant Security Systems 

​​If tenant’s premise has a security system, the applicable section(s) in the “Building Security Response Form” (click here) must be completed and separate access codes for each party, Building Security, Building Management and Building Janitorial must be provided.  Tenant must provide training to the building staff on how to activate and deactivate the alarm system. 

In addition, please note that Tenant’s security alarm monitoring notifications must go to the Tenant’s Emergency Contacts first and not directly to Building Management or Building Security’s 24 hour telephone number. Building Management and Building Security will respond based upon Tenant’s direction stated in Building Security Response Form or from Tenant’s designated after-hours employee(s).   

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  • ​Tenant Security Systems

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Report anyone or anything that does not appear normal.  “If you see something, say something.”

Contacting Security
The Security Officer is located at security desk in building’s 1st floor atrium lobby.  Please note that the officer may be away from desk due to performing patrols or assisting others.

  • Security Desk                  (763) 553-2652
  • ​Security Cell Number    (612) 741-6091
Building Management contracts with a Security vendor to provide an on-site Security Officer, 24 hours/7 days a week, including observed holidays. Security Officers patrol this facility on a rotating basis and monitor the Building cameras, entrances, and grounds. Security patrols, including the times and path of travel throughout the building and property, are subject to change with or without notice to Tenants.   


Security Services

Security Tips 

  • Building Management urges tenants to take precautions to protect their company and employees’ belongings. The following tips can help reinforce office security, especially if these tips are reproduced and posted in your office as a reminder. 
  • Lock all doors when the office is unattended or when practical control of entrance and exit areas is not possible.  In the event of an emergency evacuation, be sure to lock entry doors to your premises if time permits. However, if there is a fire in the building, do NOT lock your door(s) so that access to the area of fire can be facilitated. 
  • Hang coats and jackets away from the entrance to the office, where they cannot be easily viewed and/or stolen when staff is busy or out of sight of the garments. 
  • Keep purses and gift packages out of sight and locked inside a desk or cabinet if possible. Purses should not be left on or under desks. 
  • Keep valuables out of sight and under lock and key. Avoid keeping large quantities of cash in the office, and keep both petty cash and stamps in a locked drawer, cabinet or safe. 
  • Tenants should report all vandalism, thefts or suspicious activity to the City of Plymouth Police Department at the non emergency number (763) 509-5160 and then advise the Building Management office.  Building Management urges you to treat your suite and the common areas of the Building as you would your home with respect to security procedures. 
  • Lock desks when not seated at them. 
  • If you should encounter an unknown person in your suite or on your floor, be prepared to challenge the person. A simple “May I help you?” may prevent potential problems. Be aware that a person may use an old trick of engaging you in conversation to observe your office setup and routine for later use. 
  • Solicitation is NOT permitted in the building. If solicitors enter your suite, please inform them of this policy. Please call the Building Security or Building Management office and report solicitors immediately. 

Additional Security Assistance 

The on-site Security Officer can assist with the following:  

  • Customer, Contractor, or Delivery Personnel Assistance or Suite Information 
  • Provide After-Hours Tenant Access if authorized and notified 24 hours in advance by Tenant. 
  • Provide Additional Security Patrols within Tenant’s suite or at a Tenant event.  
    • Available upon request and at an additional charge to Tenant.
    Assist with Building or Tenant in emergencies; such as fire, elevator entrapment, severe weather or medical emergencies.
  • Provide First Aid kit, AED or Fire Extinguisher if needed. Items are located at security desk in lobby.
  • Employee Escort to Vehicles (Upon request) 
  • Vehicle Battery Starting/Air Compressor assistance 
    • Waiver Forms and Equipment Rental assistance
  • Overnight Parking Registration 
    • In the event of vehicle trouble or an emergency only