• Signage orders can take approximately four (4) weeks for delivery.

  • Per Building’s Rules & Regulations, Tenant shall not paint, display, inscribe or affix any sign, picture, advertisement, notice, lettering or direction or install any lights on any part of the outside or inside of the Building, other than the Premises, and then not on any part of the inside of the Premises which can be seen from outside the Premises, except as approved by Landlord in writing.

  • The monument sign located is limited for the number of listings. Please contact Building Management with any questions.
  • Signage placed on the building exterior and property is limited and requires a permit by the and must be approved by Landlord. Please contact Building Management with any questions. 

​To request a new sign / change, the following information should be provided:

Suite Signage: Company or Firm Name

                        Suite Number

Lobby Signage: Company or Firm Name

                        Suite Number

                        Additional listings ​

  • Each tenant is provided, upon move in, with an initial building standard suite sign and signage on the lobby directory. All signage must conform to the Building’s standards.  Changes to existing or replacement signage are subject to additional charges.

  • All requests for signage alterations must be submitted in writing to the Building Management office. This will help ensure no misunderstandings and help to expedite the process. 
  • Requests received will be reviewed and approved by the Building Management office and a proof and price proposal, if applicable, submitted to you for review and approval.