Electronic cigarettes users should adhere to the above smoking policies, including smoking only in the designated area or they may elect to go to their vehicle. There are many people who are not aware of electronic cigarettes, or have concerns over their use in public areas.  However, Tenant may permit an employee to smoke within their leased premises and out of the view of the public.  If the Tenant should elect to permit an employee to smoke within their leased premises, Building Management office should be informed of this policy.  This will help avoid confusion, in the event it is reported to Building Management, allowing Management to promptly and correctly respond to the person reporting the incident. 

Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking / E-Cigarettes



Smoking, candles, incense and open flames are not permitted in any portion of the building. This includes but is not limited to restrooms, hallways, elevators, stairwells, and inside tenant suites. In addition, smoking is not permitted within 25 feet from the Building’s main lobby entrances.

A designated area for smoking is located on the north side of the building next to the stairwell entrance.  A container for ashes and cigarette butts is mounted on wall.  

Smoking policy and enforcement are sensitive issues for everyone. We are requesting each Tenant’s assistance in informing your employees, contractors, and visitors of the smoking policy and require them to respectfully dispose of their cigarette butts in the proper ash tray provided in lieu of landscape areas (e.g. plant beds or flower pots), sidewalks, or the parking lot as this creates potential fire hazard and unclean appearance.   Thank you for your assistance and cooperation with this request.