Stair / Elevator Monitor


Function of the Stairwell / Elevator Monitor: 

Stairwell / Elevator Monitors are responsible for assisting in the safe and orderly evacuation of employees, contractors, and visitors for their assigned area. 

Responsibilities & Duties of the Stairwell / Elevator Monitors:

  • Know the location and use of all fire and emergency related equipment found on the floor or area that he/she is assigned.

  • Be completely familiar with the Building and floor layouts and exits, Fire Command Center, and Company’s designated meeting areas. 

  • Immediately check designated stairwell door for heat (remember to use back of hand), then stairwell for safety. 

  • Instructs personnel to form a single line along the right side (outside) of stairwell - First Responders will use the left side (inside) of stairwell. 

  • Ensures occupants enter the stairs in calm and orderly fashion, and directs employees to their company's designated area of safe refuge. 

  • Assign someone to either stand post or continually check both passenger and freight elevator lobbies in order to prevent employees, contractors, and visitors from using the elevators during emergency. 

  • Assist in redirecting employees to alternate and safe exit, if necessary. 

  • After evacuation complete, they should check to make sure all stairwell doors are closed. 

    Assist in the development, implementation, and maintainenance of an Emergency Action Plan, including educating
    company employees.

The following sections contain descriptions of recommended positions for a Tenant’s Emergency Response Team: