Tenant Emergency / Floor Warden

The following sections contain descriptions of recommended positions for a Tenant’s Emergency Response Team:

Function of the Emergency Warden(s):

Each Tenant's Emergency / Floor Warden(s) is the primary contact(s) for their

representative company for Building Management and First Responders in case

of a potential or serious emergency at the property. They are responsible for 

immediately reporting any potential or actual emergency condition to Building

Security, Building Management and/or First Responders;  the implementation of

an organized plan of evacuation; coordination of any necessary evacuation of their

assigned area; and communication with other members of the Tenant Response

Team and the building’s emergency personnel and First Responders. 

There should be one Tenant Warden Supervisor who oversees the entire Emergency Response Team and evacuation procedure. This person acts as the single point of contact receiving roll call status from supporting Tenant Emergency/Floor Wardens, Area Wardens, and other members of their Response Team and presenting this information to First Responders and Building Management.  In addition, this person acts as the executive at the scene assuming responsibility for decisions regarding employee direction, facility re-entry and business continuity procedure during an emergency. 

Responsibilities & Duties of the Emergency Warden:

  • Develop, implement, and maintain an Emergency Action Plan, including educating company employees
  • Appoints personnel to Tenant’s Emergency Response Team and fills vacant positions
  • Ensures all Emergency Response Team members are trained on Building and their company’s emergency procedures. 
  • Know the location and use of all fire and emergency related equipment found on the floor or area that he/she is assigned
  • Be completely familiar with the Building and floor layouts and exits, Fire Command Center, and Company’s designated meeting areas, and Building Emergency Personnel, including Security and Building Management
  • Checks primary and secondary evacuation routes for safe exit
  • Oversees evacuation and distributes occupants evenly to stairwells. Also redirects evacuation route, if necessary.
  • Ensures the shutdown of vital functions for their company / assigned area. 
  • Safely lead their area personnel to designated meeting area 
    • Consider displaying something, like a handheld sign, that identifies your company for employees to recognize
  • Maintains a current list of employees and contractors, and coordinate the confirmation that all occupants have arrived at safe area (perform a roll call)
  • Maintains a current list of all temporarily and permanently disabled person(s) on the floor and their "Special Aides / Assistants"
    • For example, persons with broken legs or ankles, recent surgery to knees or ankles, persons with high-risk pregnancies, or other conditions that may cause hazards or concerns for the person in the stairwell during an evacuation.
  • Main point of contact with Building Management and First Responders
  • If necessary, this person assigns someone to give the company/tenant information to First Responders and building’s emergency personnel. 
  • Immediately Reports any potential or serious emergency situation, fire, medical, etc., to Building Security and Building Management. 
  • Completes and delivers an Incident Report to Building Management after an Emergency has occured.