Any Tenant improvement, including but not limited to, construction due to expansion, remodeling, plumbing or electrical work performed after move-in must be coordinated through the Building Management office to ensure that all work meets building, safety and fire code requirements while maintaining architectural quality control.

If you are contemplating any such work, please contact the Building Management office as soon as possible to reduce delays and ensure timely completion of your project. 

Building Management works with a number of contractors that are familiar with and have previous experience with the Building and can coordinate the project. 

If Tenant chooses to contract with an outside vendor, Building Management must be notified in writing of any work, including submission of plans, in advance of work beginning.

  •  Refer to lease for Tenant’s obligations.
  • Contractor and Sub-contractors must provide insurance certificates and list Landlord and Building Management as additional insured.
  • Contractor and sub-contractor must sign off that they have read the Building’s construction rules and regulation and this document must be submitted to management prior to work commencing – contact management for copy of document.
  • All work must comply with city, state and federal regulations, including obtaining permits.  All final permits and certificate of occupancy, if applicable, must be submitted to management once project completed.  
  • A copy of the contractors’ executed contract, final plans showing all changes if any, invoices, and lien waivers must be submitted to Landlord once project is completed.

Any work initiated without the approval of the Landlord is subject to removal at the Tenant’s expense. This procedure is strictly enforced, as both the Landlord and Tenant may incur substantial risk if work does not meet all applicable legal requirements. 

Tenant Improvements & Construction