Telephone / Internet / Cable TV / Satellite 
The following companies currently have Telephone / Internet / Fiber services  installed at the Building’s demark room or on roof:  

  •  tw telecom
  • Comcast 
  • Century Link
  • XO Communication

Tenant is responsible for arranging to have the above service(s) distributed from the Building’s demark room and/or roof to their premises.  You may choose a vendor(s) of your choice. See “
Contractor Rules and Regulations” located on the "Forms" page (click  here).  Satellite  

If your vendor is not listed above, then notify Building Management to verify if vendor’s equipment may be installed in Building’s demark room and/or roof.  Please note that there may be additional costs associated with the installation of vendor’s equipment and services to the property.  These costs may be the responsibility of the Tenant or a license agreement may need to be executed, in advance, between vendor and Landlord.    

Once vendor is selected, please notify Building Management and Tenant’s general contractor as soon as possible to avoid delay in commencing services. Vendor may need to coordinate their services around construction or remodeling projects, causing time and access to belimited.   

Tenant is responsible for canceling services on or before the last day of their lease term date, regardless if they vacate premises early. Upon termination of lease, Tenant must remove, at their sole cost and expense, all wiring and cabling from Premises including the Building if applicable and repair Building to normal conditions prior to installation. 

Electric, gas and water services are provided to Tenants and are operational upon Tenant’s occupancy of the premises. Utilities are included in the Building's Operational Expenses, and as such, Building Management encourages sustainable use of utilities whenever possible to reduce the costs to Tenants, while reducing the Building's impact on our environment.

Telephone / Internet / Cable TV / Satellite 

Tenant may lease roof space for antenna or satellite dish reception upon execution of license

agreement. Tenant must provide Building Management with written specification for installation

including location of equipment on roof and access through mechanical rooms or other Tenant

spaces, if applicable, and a certificate of insurance from vendor of proposed rooftop device.

Tenant should inform vendor that any cabling must be attached in wire hanger from the deck or

any designated cable location and any penetrations to the building’s roof may be required to be

completed by Building’s Roof Vendor so as not to void any roof warranties.  

All costs for installation, including if Building’s Roof Vendor is required, and maintenance or repair

of antenna/satellite dish are the responsibility of Tenant.  Landlord reserves the right to right to

remove approved devices in the event Landlord determines such action is necessary.

Please contact Building Management office for more information.  

Upon termination of lease, Tenant must remove, at their sole cost and expense, all equipment, antenna, satellite dish, wiring and cabling from Premises including the Building if applicable and repair Building to normal conditions prior to installation.

Please see the document titled “Contractor Rules and Regulations”” located on the "Forms" page (click here)  for the current insurance and scheduling and other requirements.   

​​Excess Use of Utilities

Tenant shall not use utilities or other services in excess of normal services or in a manner which exceeds or interferes with any Building system or Landlord’s ability to provide services to other tenants in the Building without Landlord’s prior written consent. Tenant shall pay Landlord all costs arising out of any excess use in connection of High Usage Equipment including the cost of all repairs and alterations to the Building’s mechanical and electrical systems (including installation of meters) and the cost of additional utilities made available to Tenant. Tenant shall pay such costs upon receipt of invoice. Please refer to Tenant’s lease for the terms and conditions regarding excess use of utilities or contact Building Management office with questions. 


​Electricity / Gas / Water & Sewer 

Telephone / Internet / Cable TV